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Image by Olga Thelavart
A Little About Me & You

What a long strange trip it's been and continues to be. Welcome to a safe space. As a Certified Psychosynthesis Coach, creative intuitive, Eclectic Witch and multifaceted mystic, I am here to assist women in building their spiritual foundation to live a life with more peace of mind and high voltage passion. We have the choice to build a heaven or hell out of our reality. The beauty in that lies in the fact that we are unimaginably powerful beings that have access to our will, our choice and our higher consciousness. By integrating all parts of Self, we learn how to clear the weeds, plant the seeds and watch ourselves grow so that our mind, body and spirit can flourish.

 Being a sensitive and artistic soul, at a young age I developed a brash and assertive personality to wear as my armor. Over the years this armor began to feel more like a cage. In my eyes, this duality of being soft with a rough exterior made it increasingly difficult to truly form bonds and maintain loving relationships. This left me feeling confused and unworthy of even my own love. I felt that there was nowhere to escape and with this I turned to the easiest and most familiar, substances.

I felt as though I was just moving with the masses. I did all of the "things" I was told that would set me on the "right" path only to corner myself into my own personal hell.  I remember feeling completely out of alignment with my spirit and my purpose here on earth. I had my dreams, but they seemed to be further and further away with the lifestyle I chose to live. 


My breaking point came in July of 2020, deep in the world of pharmaceuticals and self destruction, my lifestyle had caught up with my body and I had an overwhelming feeling come over me. My life had to change and I was the only person who could make that desire become a reality. I write this now, with a clear mind, open heart and nourished spirit. I am here to help you find and foster growth in your own journey.


What I have found through my own healing is that those conflicting ideas of who I am and how I feel make me an even greater vehicle for love, expansion and creativity. Our deep seated misbeliefs are vehicles for growth. As part of the human experience we must experience pain but we do not have to suffer. We have our breakdowns to have breakthroughs, to enrich our spirit, to expand our souls journey. Our inner guide is an infinite source of vibrance and vitality. It can never lead us wrong. 

My purpose is to help you uncover the beauty and wildness of who you are at your core. Within you lies peace and freedom beyond all of the limiting beliefs and self destructive thought processes. I don't do cliche's, but all you really need lies within. I am here to deeply guide you using my own intuition, consciousness and the practice of Spiritual Psychology. Working intentionally with the Higher Self we will begin to synthesize the personality and the spirit in order to love the good, the bad and the ugly for what it is; whole and worthy.

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