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What is Psychosynthesis?

Psychosynthesis is a “Psychology with a Soul”. It is a spiritual psychology that brings together both the psychology and science of the psyche AND our deeper spiritual essence, exploring the potential and purpose within each of us. Through various methods and techniques, it recognizes our inner most truth, the Self, supporting us to achieve greater presence, self-awareness, and authenticity. It also develops and strengthens our Will, our ability to make decisions that align with who we are and what we truly, deeply want, ultimately leading towards greater harmony and participation among people, groups, societies and the world as a whole.

Bright Gradient

One on One Mentorship 

Working with me you you will take a deeper look at the blocks that are holding you back, release the judgements you have used as protection and step into awareness of your true and sovereign nature. I use a variety of techniques that combine spiritual, cosmic and psychological teachings, integrated with my own intuition. This allows me to connect and guide you through powerful parts of yourself known and unknown to your conscious mind. 

This is for you if you may be :​

  • Needing guidance in your healing journey

  • Looking to connect deeper to your higher self

  • Trying to develop more aligned habits in work and play

  • Struggling with self trust & intuition

  • Desire to create more intention in your daily life

  • Looking for new tools  (that you actually use) to break old behaviors that are no longer serving you

  • Wanting to tap into your body's inner guidance system

  • Learning how to let go of trapped emotions 

  • Sick and tired of feeling stuck in outdated/harmful thought patterns 

Apply to work with me 1:1
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