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Client Love

Brittani is a dream coach and one of the best I’ve had the pleasure to work with. She holds this uncanny awareness and an intuitive perception that makes you feel truly seen and heard. Her undivided presence provides a safe space to be vulnerable and express yourself from a deeper heart space. And her skill and knowledge in this work are what create a synthesized and organized structure to the material. After each session, I am left feeling understood and listened to which makes my time with her invaluable. This is the gift of Brittani.
- Karthika B


Brit is such a powerhouse!! Such an empowering intuitive woman! An electrifying soul to work with. She helped me through many blocks on my journey. She is a curious observer, who holds space for all of me to emerge. She made me feel safe. I am beyond grateful this beautiful soul came on to my path. A true unifying center. I love you Britt! Thank you for always seeing and hearing me at the deepest level.
- Ashlie

Brittani is such a bright light! She is a powerhouse of knowledge and insight. I rely on her to educate and guide me through my spiritual process. She comforts and supports me in ways that I've never experienced before. I can be completely vulnerable with her. Instead of trying to change me, Brittani helps me to accept and grow into a higher version of myself. I've had so many breakthroughs and incredible experiences in her presence and am grateful to be on this journey with her. In a world of people telling you what you want to hear instead of being authentic, I have finally found a woman that is caring, open and honest!
- Dani 

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